About Media Diplomat

Media Diplomat is a fast-growing free online service that makes it easy for reporters to quickly find sources and experts in other countries. We also give subject experts media opportunities from a global range of publications.

We have helped finance journalists in Shanghai, technology editors in New York, science correspondents in Brazil and many more find sources for their stories. In doing so, organisations and businesses have got their messages out, for free, in global media.

Media Diplomat started in April 2011 as a LinkedIn group and quickly reached 10000+ members. There are a few reasons why the group was successful and a dedicated website was developed:

First, we live in a globalised world with international news stories. Media Diplomat is helping reporters who are increasingly writing articles that require sources from anywhere on the planet.

Second, subject experts and the organisations they represent are behaving more global. That could be a UK university seeking to promote its MBA course to Chinese students or an SaaS company wanting to make international inroads. It makes sense to connect with and help reporters around the world who often have an audience of millions.

Third, most industry professionals especially in the US know of online services connecting reporters with sources. The concept has been around for a while. However we also discovered that high-level reporters and sources from Asia, Latin America and elsewhere have been forgotten.

Media Diplomat is not dominated by reporters or sources from a particular country. We embrace all the amazing possibilities that an international network creates. We recently helped a finance journalist in Hong-Kong connect with the in-house economist of Africa’s largest bank through a London financial PR agency – in less than 24 hours.

That’s what Media Diplomat is all about and we welcome you to join.

The Founder
Media Diplomat was founded by Paul Dixon. To learn more about Paul you can view his LinkedIn profile